It's not hacking its Pure illegal Business

Dear Reader,

I would like to draw you about kind attention toward an Illegal activity going on at amazon. If you had noticed since last months these kind of fraud practices are getting more and more. Amazon I request you to please have a deep look on below link so see the issues other amazon customers are facing.


As far I understood, first of all (accused seller) seller register him on amazon and post different- different product and huge discount or minimum cost so that consumer book that order ASAP. After this the real story began.

If the customer placed the order through debit card, net banking or amazon pay balance then seller himself cancel the order because in reality since his joining his intension was just to collect the data of potential buyers.

As per amazon policies, if the seller deny or cancel the order then amazon has to refund the amount to the respectively mode of payment. Aside, Amazon also provide COD services too, which create the opportunity of (accused seller) seller to cheat with the amazon customers.

As we all know amazon and flipkart are the only website which we can trust even in close eyes. Now this trust helps the (accused seller) seller to attract people to come forward and book the numbers of order at a time. Now (accursed seller) seller will cancel all those orders which will be placed though online transaction and similarly he will not take any action against those order which are COD mode.
Other side if the consumer ask from the amazon customer care about the delay in dispatch then they will say we ship packages to meet the estimates. Kindly wait till the same. Appreciate your patience. Please note here amazon gives an opportunity to (accused seller) seller to treating there their valuable customer.

Now consumer don’t know whether its product is going to deliver or not. Here (accused seller) seller will use that suspense as an opportunity to play a game. As a proper registered seller, he (accused seller) use amazon customer personal details to deliver a courier (parcel) with proper bill sticker with the similar price and words which a user fill while placing Order at amazon portal.
Now what happen, if your own receiving the product or a regular costumer of amazon then might be you would able to identify its fraud by its packaging, but mostly a customer not able to identify.

The reason is when you are not home and your parents are receiving the product then (accused seller) seller get the opportunity to cheat.


In my case, I booked the order 2 times through amazon pay balance so he cancel every time but when I booked the order 3 time as cod he didn’t took any action on it. On 15th Feb 2018 I got a message that your courier will deliver today. As I was in office so I told my mother to collect the packet from delivery boy and said to pay INR 930. I also mention my mother to check the product at least once before paying. Now guess what, as my mom not much aware of it, she just confirmed whether the product is inside or not and paid him.

When I come back from office what I saw: A good quality plastic box containing a headphone cost hardly INR 200. Hahahaha….  Really I booked the order of INR 930 on amazon and got the product of INR 200. Strange but true this the true story which is happing now days with almost everyone who are shopping with amazon.

Why this happened?

Well clearly its Amazon mistake why do they allow such sellers to get in roll on their reputed E commerce portal.

Amazon I am not warried of my lost I known your will not either return me the amount. I have just a humble request to you please put Aa full stop on such illegal practices and loss of costumer data.
I always trusted amazon, but honestly after this incident whatever I was thinking goes in right. You are not taking your client seriously. You should have taken strict action on your first fraud complain only in January, really I hadn’t lost my INR 930.
But as we Indians says, “Jab jago tabhi savera”. Please take some strict action instantly. I was thinking to report a FIR against the (accused seller) seller address but I don’t have much time to visit police stations. If you need any support from me I am available. I am sending the picture of package with the seller address might will help your team to look into the matter.

Company name- BMP

Courier Company Website:

Note- This post is just to create awareness against fraud going on in Indian market and my personal experience. I believe amazon will ban those unwanted sellers from there site.


  1. Hi. I was also defrauded by the same seller i.e. rahul gupta via bmp. I wanted to k ow if amazon ever resolved your case? Did you manage to get your money back?

  2. This is some sort of " BIG SCAM " going on from certain community sellers or resellers to demoralise people who order online products.
    The said seller " SY-13/C, PL-24-C GROUND FLOOR AMBANAGAR UDHNA MAGDALLA ROAD SURAT GJ-395002 INDIA,SURAT,GUJRAT,India " uses different name on Amazon and sell products in demand for very huge discount.
    Once you purchase the product on cash on delivery, these sellers cancel your order(s). you will receive as order is cancelled.
    I don't know what happens to prepaid orders. After 4 - 5 days you receive a call from delivery services or courier that your order has arrived (I have a strong feeling even courier company(s) are involved in it as they don't have billing information about seller and I would like to point of one specific name BMI (book My Packet)).
    I ordered Seagate 2 TB HD and received old used torned out Western Digital 500 GB HD worth Rs. 2999/-.
    Due to my strong feeling I opened it in front of the courier boy and I was right regarding the fraud product. I told him to call his senior person and he told me to write a letter to the seller and immediately returned my money back.
    I wish Amazon Team would look out for this kind of scam sellers and take some strict legal actions against them even though it is not their fault.
    My only advice to Amazon customers is kindly buy products from Amazon Fulfilled sellers or good ratings seller. Avoid sellers who are new with some fake names and no ratings to get away from such scams.

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